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This material was created to devise more sustainable and environmentally friendly spaces with the same technical specifications of other non-recycled COMPAC materials. Obsidiana is the first surface created using up to 100% recycled glass, with the same features as the others and with the level of finish and beauty fitting of COMPAC.
These collections are specifically for indoor use.
Please see the following collections below.

Ice of Genesis Collection

Ice of Genesis Collection

This collection is the result of the huge challenge of creating a material that has depth but is also flat and resistant. Imitating the feeling of walking on ice, exquisitely balanced between fragility and stability.

Rough Surface

Functional Collection

This collection is your go-to. It's sturdy, stable, and truly encompasses all that quartz has to offer. With nearly 15 different options, you're sure to find something you love.

Unique Collection

Unique Collection

This collection is full of pure, vibrant white with twisting veins in grey tones for a unique, subtle and timeless design. Unique Statuario lends simple, undeniable elegance to any surface.

Volcano Collection_edited.png

Volcano Collection

This collection represents the fierce and the wild, the intangible, and unimaginable. Inspired by the roar of a volcano, welcome to COMPAC's Volcano Collection.

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